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Help me fix this please! / Re: 2003 VW Passat 1.8T Starter
« Last post by gtermini on Today at 03:08:42 PM »
Thanks for the tips. Getting the car up enough for my fat ass to get under it was going to be the biggest issue.

I ended up lucking out. The battery voltage was low and causing issues. New battery fixed the no start.

The car suffers from flooding at cold startup about 30% of the time, and doesn't like to start without cranking the schit out of it. It's stating to get into the sell-it zone, I derive no pleasure from working on it.

If you still have a set I would like one.  You might have responded to a pm.
I think I like them better in their original configuration........... hidex
Help me fix this please! / Re: 2003 VW Passat 1.8T Starter
« Last post by mtkst19 on Today at 12:20:03 PM »
dunno if you got this done yet-- but they are not bad to do. 

warranty time is 1.2 hrs-- so customer pay is warranty x 1.5-- so figure shop to charge around 1.5-2 hrs.

work from underneath, remove 4 13mm nuts that hold sway bar to cross member to give you more room.  2 bolts hold starter to tranny, some have a heat shield in that year range that is held on w/ a worm gear clamp.  should be 7mm head on clamp.  Aside from that, 13mm nut for battery cable, and the 12v key switch that just unplugs.  pull starter toward compressor and down out. 
l'll take one.  Very generous, thanks!
General Discussion Board / Re: Riding mowers, your preferences?
« Last post by Uncle Buck on Today at 11:41:52 AM »

Correct, that was what killed most of them as I recall. Perfect flat land mower.

Harlan should have 2 then lolx

how bad could it be? it has training wheels after all.  billcat

Exactly, probably a great machine to say put up on the roof right Harlan!  hornetsx :POKIE: :))

(Gonna get every last inch outta that roof!  grinx)
all boxed up ready to go
My Garage / Shop Project. / Re: I want to build a gear box.
« Last post by Barks on Today at 10:42:13 AM »
Who is the Manual guy that is doing the lifting of the 200 lb blocks and what is the energy input to him?  And where does it come from?
I'll take one

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Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself / Re: Returning after many moons away.
« Last post by Rewind on Today at 09:49:06 AM »
Welcome home!!!
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