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General Discussion Board / Re: Upcoming sale..... (Sad nooze)
« Last post by Chuck Farley on Today at 01:39:25 AM »
Went south to Bellingham to visit him again.   He has been moved from hospital to a nursing home, where he is refusing to cooperate with staff.   Also is refusing to let anyone touch his "stuff"   (Sigh)   I'll handle it all anyway. 

He has refused to let me finish his car (or even build his engine for him)

He is 100% convinced that no-one can do it RIGHT - by his views Swiss watches are crappy quality and Rolls Royces are junk.   Trouble is..... He's real good at taking stuff apart, but in the 25 plus years I've known him, I've never seen anything go back together.    His '98 Chev pickup sits, sans any dashboard electrical stuff - has been like that for about 5 years because he an idea about improving the dash lighting.  His motorhome got the whole bathroom removed because he didn't think the plumbing was good enough.  It has sat, sans plumbing for 10 years now.  His 4-post hoist - ditto.   So - even while he has seen the dyno sheets for some engines I've done - no - HE is gonna do it himself.   IF there was a Nobel prize for pig-headed stubbornness - .....

So far he won't even discuss what "x" might be worth.  He admits that he has only a few weeks left B4 his hourglass runs outta sand, but the concept of "getting things in order" seems to elude him.    I suggested to his daughter that I could bring in a deadblow hammer and try to see if he could make sense - she approves of the thought, but concedes that it likely wouldn't work.

I've seen his colonoscopy pics (mine was worse!) and the Xrays of his liver but he wants to talk about whether the Thunderbolt P47 or the P51 Mustang is the better plane.

I'm taking your suggestions and will discuss the approaches with his family and I thank you for the advice.  I'll try to keep things up to date as this progresses.
Heavy Shop Equipment / Re: Nice old Lathe, Reed Prentice
« Last post by BuckHenry on Today at 01:38:00 AM »
A monster indeed! The unstoppable force and the immoveable object are one and the same.
Thank you! First Sparta I've ever seen. Never seen an Evercraft or a Napa. Have seen NB but don't have one.
General Discussion Board / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by J.A.F.E. on Today at 01:29:39 AM »
I think I see the light now.
Nice Ratchets!

You seem to have a knack for finding hard to find 4" adjustable wrenches. That Sparta looks to be cherry too.

I inherited a few sparta tools from my father, and a few more went to my nephew, but they seem to be quite rare. Is it just me or are they really that scarce. I see plenty of Nappa and Evercraft, and even a little New Britain, but practically no Sparta.  shrugx
Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: A New Whatsit
« Last post by J.A.F.E. on Today at 12:53:23 AM »
Nothing to do with delicious food treats.
Thanks! The knob to tilt the blade is missing on one but it turns out they are still available from Lufkin.
Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: Tiny Wrench Call
« Last post by J.A.F.E. on Today at 12:43:55 AM »
The smallest V openings in the collection Hinsdale and MAC. I really like these.

Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: Tiny Wrench Call
« Last post by J.A.F.E. on Today at 12:41:18 AM »
Stahlwille (Germany)

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