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Help me fix this please! / Re: Alternator trouble
« Last post by john k on Today at 10:55:05 PM »
 A poor mans/ shade tree test for alternator output is this.   If the alternator has a plastic plug with one or two wires coming out this can be done.   Engine running, headlights on high beam,  AC fan running.   Pull the plug out of the alternator and watch the headlamps.   No change in brightness means there is probably no output.   If they dim down, and when you plug it back in they brighten up, it is working OK.  Even easier to do in the evening. 
Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: Old Tool swap 11/18 edition
« Last post by J.A.F.E. on Today at 10:49:10 PM »
There was a time I liked wearing a tie but that wore off.
Thanks guys.   As usual if it works for you make your own version.   
     Born out of need for us but so simple a solution. 
General Discussion Board / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by brslk on Today at 10:29:25 PM »
Christmas lights always look better with snow on ground

+1 -- it looks magical.

I really like the Isle of Man flag Bruce -- definitely an attention getter.

When I was younger it was always a dream of mine to race the Isle of Man TT.

II actually get people ask me why I have a Nazi flag in my garage?   scratchhead
Good idea. Good use of a hinge.
Help me fix this please! / Re: Alternator trouble
« Last post by kwoswalt99 on Today at 10:25:46 PM »
Just a quick question, does continuity through the battery cables mean bad diodes?
So first of all what makes you think the alternator is bad?

The quickest test is to take a meter (free at Harbor Fright) and measure the voltage at the battery or jump terminals with the car running.  It should be in the 14 volt range.
Yeah part of the problem is I need a better multimeter.
if they get the job done then they are good tools.

 Over the years I've amassed a pretty large selection of allen sockets, some factory and some are cut off allens epoxied into a regular socket. But those look like they would be nice to have in a carry box.

That's kinda what I've done. Cut off a regular allen wrench and stick it in an appropriate socket. Instead of using epoxy, I've been drilling the socket and zapping it with a MIG welder.  Have you had any problems with the epoxy loosening?  Your way sounds a lot quicker and easier than mine.
Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: Old Tool swap 11/18 edition
« Last post by skfarmer on Today at 10:19:31 PM »
my sons wear a tie more than i do. when they do they use a tie clip.
General Discussion Board / Re: My new to me bookmark
« Last post by brslk on Today at 10:17:09 PM »
Whats a book.  shrugx

I cant remember the last book I read. I'm lucky to make it thru a magazine article.

hahahaha   lolx
General Discussion Board / Re: a day in the life of a farm
« Last post by Muddy on Today at 10:14:43 PM »
I wish my day at the office looked like that.
Your preaching to the choir here bud!!!! Would quit my job to full time farm.

Sent from the twisted mind of the Mudman.

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