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Storage Solutions / Re: Snap On box
« Last post by Lookin4_67GalaxieConv on Today at 01:30:36 AM »
I never see those little ones around here.
You may grow to love using those filter pliers.   I use mine on every damn car now.    Cheap junk that aces the expensive.
General Discussion Board / Re: MEXICO just had a severe earthquake
« Last post by brslk on Today at 01:03:36 AM »
Just saw some footage of the quake on the news. Holy shit. 200 confirmed dead so far. Tons injured and affected.  Lots of building collapsing and explosions.
Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: Proto and Plomb
« Last post by brslk on Today at 12:22:13 AM »
Wow, those turned out very nice.  I love evaporust.
Princess Auto was having a big sale so I popped in to get one or two things. As always, I left with more than planned.
The place was packed because they had some pretty awesome deals. Lots of stuff was sold out in the first couple of hours.
One of the staff told me that people were coming in and buying things like brake cleaner, gloves, paper towels and other
consumables by the cases.

I grabbed some oil filter pliers, filter wrench, air line swivel, impact universals, belt tensioner tool, brake cleaner, engine degreaser,
shop towels, anti-freeze, cutting discs, flap discs, box of gloves, tire plug kit to keep in the car, 44 AA batteries, long power bar
and some  other stuff.
Nothing exciting but stuff I needed and was on sale.  I had to stop myself from buying anything that wasn't on sale.

Storage Solutions / Snap On box
« Last post by brslk on Today at 12:09:56 AM »
I saw this on kijiji last night for $10.   It was still for sale this morning before work so I sent an offer of $5.
She accepted and I picked it up after work. Just a few blocks from my house.
She said her father had passed a month ago and she was selling his stuff. She said there was a ton of Snap On tools
but her 16 yo nephew took them all to a pawn shop for her...&%$*

I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it but for $5 and a 2 minute drive, I had to get it.
Anybody know exactly what it should have in it?

General Discussion Board / Re: Overpriced CL D PRESS
« Last post by brslk on Today at 12:03:23 AM »
Reminds me of a fireman's helmet.

It does, now that you mention it.
General Discussion Board / Re: Atlas drill press on CL
« Last post by brslk on Today at 12:02:21 AM »
And I can't find a decent floor standing drill press around for anything.
That's nice.
General Discussion Board / Re: MEXICO just had a severe earthquake
« Last post by brslk on Today at 12:01:00 AM »
Glad you and your family are OK Brian.  I heard on the radio this afternoon that the death count was at 100+ as of 4 hours ago.
Scary shit.
You need to build yourself a generator.  Old lawn mower engine, alternator and an inverter.  Or you could skip the inverter to charge batteries.
General Discussion Board / Re: MEXICO just had a severe earthquake
« Last post by strik9 on September 19, 2017, 11:54:54 PM »
The power is out even in Mex City.  That means the main plant is offline .    Not great news.

   Getting out isn't an option with shakers. Floods or fires maybe but fight or flight doesn't work. 
    When it hits you have ten seconds to react and leave the building.  Or ride it out.  Its the nasty fart in the elevator disaster.  Just deal with it as best possible.

   The volcano let a big exhale as it hit which is great.  Lower pressure under the dome is very good.

   I need power.  Four batteries are getting really low and no recharge possible.    Lol!   

  I also haven't seen the news for no power at all so the scope of the damages grows (as expected) and all we see is the local stuff.

     But the night is young and the powers that be are still getting up to speed. 
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