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OEM for HF Chicago Electric "Dual MIG" Welders ---
« on: March 14, 2012, 04:48:59 PM »
Harbor Freight has contracted with many overseas manufacturers over the years, and many folks have purchased these welders at reasonable prices only to find out that after a few years the model is discontinued in HF's catalog, and spare parts are hard to find.

This post only deals with the Italian made line of Chicago Electric Dual MIG welders. The country of origin is VERY important here since some "Dual MIG" welding machines were manufactured in China and maybe some other countries. So if your welder is a Dual MIG and has "Made in Italy" stamped on the chassis, this information could be useful for obtaining spare parts and cross-referencing part numbers with the actual commercial sources.

For example -- this is my HF Dual MIG 180 that was sold for many years by HF. It was marketed as a 220v 160A welder with spot timer, separate slope up and burnback controls, with six tapped heat ranges. It's a great machine --

Other models include the Dual MIG 171 (same as the 180 except without the frills), Dual MIG 151, and the Dual MIG 132 --
Although HF used the "Dual MIG" designation on many import welders, this info only pertains to Italian made models

The OEM for the Italian Dual MIG lines is the CEMONT company. I had previously speculated that HF welders were made in Italy by SIP, but that was a mistake. SIP may have branded some CEMONT models and accessories, but the Dual MIG welders came from a CEMONT factory in Italy.

Specifically, when looking for spare parts for Dual MIG welders, the comparable CEMONT Models for the 132, 151, 171, and 180 HF Dual MIG's were the CEMONT MaxiStar, DualStar, and EASYMIG series of welders. The "Dual" nomenclature identifies these welders as both gas and flux core capable machines.

HF Dual MIG 180 = CEMONT MaxiStar 180M
HF Dual MIG 171 = CEMONT DualStar 170MV, also known as the CEMONT Dual MIG 170MV

HF Dual MIG 151 = CEMONT EASYMIG 151 Dual
HF Dual MIG 132 = CEMONT EASYMIG 131 Dual (don't know why the name changed from 131 to 132, but the machines are identical.

CEMONT is a subsidiary of the European Air Liquide Group, but the US based arm of Air Liquide doesn't support their European welders. The only source for major internal parts that I'm aware of is currently the Air Liquide UK subsidiary. They advertise on the net and many UK welding outlets have parts for CEMONT welders. Shipping isn't that bad either. For consumables, wire liners, and MIG gun parts, there are many US sources -- WeldMART, US Welding, netwelder, Welding City, ebay, and HTP America -- just to name a few. 

Here is the CEMONT website technical and spare parts page. Enter "Dual MIG" or MaxiStar, or DualStar in the search and many documents pop up for use. Click on the PDF that pertains to your unit and the needed spare parts can then be cross-referenced at the top of the page by checking the appropriate boxes.

NOTE: the search feature on the CEMONT site is a bit hard to use. To get good results on searches, just click the "by documentation" search option button, and then enter the model name in the "Description" (i.e. Maxistar 180). A list of PDF manuals will appear below, and once you click on a PDF manual another comprehensive list of spare part numbers will appear on top of the page. These part numbers can be cross-referenced in the manual and/or the online descriptions -- although some of the online descriptions are in Italian.

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Re: OEM for HF Chicago Electric "Dual MIG" Welders ---
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I'm still amazed to this day that HF sold an Italian made tool. Feel free to put the pics in the euro tool thread, I have heard of this long ago on GJ but never seen actual pics till now.

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Re: OEM for HF Chicago Electric "Dual MIG" Welders ---
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Ray, that is good stuff! I have passed on a couple of welders made in Italy due to the lack of parts/repairs. The guy that repairs my welding machine wont even look at an Italian unit because he cant get any parts. He cant get parts for the old American made Airco units now either. Good info!
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Re: OEM for HF Chicago Electric "Dual MIG" Welders ---
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I am going to ask that you put in around the time you bought it, so that would show up in search engines for others looking for parts.
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Re: OEM for HF Chicago Electric "Dual MIG" Welders ---
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