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Great finds. I would have grabbed those too.
Took apart the two Thorsen rats and cleaned/lubed. both looked great after the removal of old dirty grease. Was lacking a bit on 1/4" rats, too. great find.
General Discussion Board / Flat Earther going to space!
« Last post by brslk on Today at 07:33:41 PM »
I saw this story on my phone and had to look it up when I got home to read ore about this lunatic... or is he a lunartic?
Anyway, it sounds to me like this guy has attempted a few rocket rides and needed some cash for more so he suddenly became
a flat earth believer and wouldn't you know it, they gave his some money to continue on his quest.
Read the story of him and his scrap metal, Rustoleum painted rocket.
Hazet (8201 and 985 series I think) and Stahlwille have made those one-piece stubby forged metric allens for decades in both 1/4"dr. (3mm thru 10mm) and 1/2"dr. (8mm thru 19 or 22mm).
Great design.
I sold heaps of the sets for years. Very ridgid, very stiff.

I'd grab them as these appear pretty similar and I am rarely disappointed in Taiwan nowadays.
I remember that OEM brand offered similar Tiawan sets a few years ago in one of the box auto parts stores.

Cool you stopping in with that heads up, Thank You!  beerdude
General Discussion Board / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by strik9 on Today at 04:03:23 PM »
New oil pan gasket on  LeBaron from the late 80's.  Not a bad job but the details ate up time.   Unbashed the oil pan back to full capacity.    Pretty plowed up for off road use.  Car isn't a total wreck but shows some age.  Still has the factory phone between the seats.

      Another bug in for 'it makes a noise' we have to get to yet and the boss left his phone when he went for lunch.
It hasn't stopped ringing for ten minutes.   

   Three hours to escape velocity.   Cool!
General Discussion Board / Re: Chic with a Bic
« Last post by skfarmer on Today at 03:55:00 PM »
and they have a balck friday sale!  onflame flameon
General Discussion Board / Chic with a Bic
« Last post by RustFarmer on Today at 03:34:12 PM »
In today's Chicago Tribune:

"Police said Gagne used an X15 Flamethrower to torch a car, which was registered in her name only, at 10:28 p.m. Nov. 10 at 1529 S. Grove Ave. in Barrington. The type of flamethrower can contain more than three gallons of fuel and napalm to emit flames as far as 50 feet, police said."

Sounds like something the road runner would order from the Acme catalog.

I googled it and found this site where you can purchase your very own "Personal Flamethrower"
thanks for the headsup.

when will the new cases be available?

what else is up your sleeve for new stuff?
The Wurth offset flex just do not like gummed up fittings.  Otherwise I'd never use the others.

    But the cost and available factor can be tough.   Might be easier to get them OEM from.  Japan. 

   Any regular tube to be removed I just go with an open end anymore..  Got the bling for the tough ones.
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