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i knew this going in but along with the nice hang tag and free ratchet it looks a lot like some other well known ratchets i have.

hmmmm........ look familiar?
since i expect no quick response on the hang tag, let's talk about what was connected to the hang tag.

seems the guys over at channel 3 are buying matco 88 locking ratchet heads on ebay for about 30 bucks and  then cobbling them together with various breaker bars  to make a flex head ratchet. after all of the dicking around  they have about 40 or  so bucks plus time into some sort of thing that doesn't lock. hell,  it doesn't even have a hang tag.

well, for  far less money and time  i ended up with  a damn nice hang tag and a locking ratchet with 100 clicks!
It's All About Precision Baby! / Re: K&T Feeds the Iron Habit!
« Last post by gtermini on Today at 03:42:45 PM »
Finished up the weldments with some boring in the mill. These are clamp plates for a 70mm drill stem and needed a ±.005" hole. Didn't try super hard and got it within 3 thou with my funky setup. I had to make a carbide insert tool to use in the bar to get through the hard spots in the weld area. Note the chipped off tip.

cool pair of pliers. is there actually imprinting in the rubber handles? that would b odd for channellock as well.

Yes, they are imprinted with "Channellock Inc.  Meadville, Pa. U.S.A. both sides"   got me wondering as well-they are a little different color than most Channellock grips and have a arrow pattern on the grip sides and considerable thicker than most grips on screwdrivers of this size(7.75")nice and comfortable as well.  They seem to be glued on or a rather tight slip fit?    Has got me wondering if they might have been some type of aftermarket grips that CL sold?   I am going to check out my other c-man pliers and see if I have something close??    Pending!
Is there any possibility that the grips on that were not original to the pliers? I have an old set of Craftsman pliers that look identical to those (have the same pronounced side cutter) Mine were found bare steel, no grips. Mine have a very nice pattern cast into the steel handles (like many old plier brands do)

I suspect the grips were add ons to the pliers. I recall Diamond used to sell just the grips you could buy for pliers. Maybe Channellock di that too shrugx
General Discussion Board / Re: the Strik pick up truck
« Last post by rusty on Today at 03:20:48 PM »
I like it! You'll get a lot of use out of it.
Heavy Shop Equipment / Re: the new shop drill press
« Last post by Uncle Buck on Today at 03:15:43 PM »
Looks great to me! Cleaning up and improving them is a fun job.  beerdude
<sigh> I have a couple of the ratchets, but none of the hang-tags <sigh>

lucky bastard... angryguyx
Heavy Shop Equipment / the new shop drill press
« Last post by strik9 on Today at 02:48:20 PM »
My boss just bought this gem. He is quite proud as it is his first..

   Ok, I know it looked like it was cobbled up over decades and it's missing s few bits but its the affordable dream of my boss.   We'll be fixing it up some.

He is jazzed to have it for more precise work than a hand held drill can offer.  It should be quite useful actually.
General Discussion Board / the Strik pick up truck
« Last post by strik9 on Today at 02:41:20 PM »
Ok, it's not much but it exceeds my needs and it's darn easy on'' gas.  Parks easy and will haul 300 lbs on the level without efforts.

     The front wheel is a replacement for plastic spoked stuff off s wheelchair.   This one will take far more beating. 

   It took nearly 3 months to negotiate the deal to own this thing, the neighbor I'd a wily old buzzard that just likes to be sure he is ready to sell and never get ripped off. But we finally settled on a price and he got his.

    A repaint to green is coming of course. 
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