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Rebuilding the blast cabinet
« on: May 04, 2016, 05:44:57 PM »
Hey guys, thought I'd share a few pics from a project we're working on here at the shop.  As you may know, we run a custom coating shop here in Indy that does powder coating, ceramic coating, and other specialty coatings. We're primarily motorsports centered, but do all kinds of stuff.  Every day brings different stuff -some of it mundane, but most of it fun to work on.  To process all the work we do, we employ 2 guys that blast all day as their primary job.  We use large Trinco dry blast media blasters that have separate dust collection cabinets.  These are serious machines and they get so much use that we are constantly patching them and patching the patches. The current blasters are both 48"x60 units and are the 4th and 5th blasters we have bought in the last 10 years.  Here is one of our primary blasters:

Like most businesses, at times we get really busy and the blast room gets backed up.  The blast room was designed for 3 cabinet blasters, so about a month ago, we decided that we needed the 3rd blaster - smaller as we'd use it exclusively for headers and exhaust pipes which is about half of our business.  We had a brand new dust collector we didn't use from a cabinet replacement, so we got quotes on just a replacement 30"x48" cabinet.  Apparently Trinco doesn't like to sell  the cabinets separately, as all the quotes came in at about 75% of the cost of the cabinet and collector package.  As you can imagine, that was hard to swallow and I decided to see if we could rebuild one of our old cabinets from our "boneyard".  We analyzed the junks and ended up pulling out cabinet #1 which was the one we started with over 10 years ago.  This cabinet is 30"x60" and will fit out needs well.  Time hasn't been kind to this old work horse.  Over the years we've pulled parts from it and left it outside to die a slow death.  Here is the condition it was in:

We pulled it into the shop and started cutting off patches and cutting out areas getting replaced.  We split the top from the bottom for ease of working on the cabinet and to allow us to modify the window.  Since the blaster had some serious holes in the cabinet, we decided to completely re-line the inside with 3/16" plate, and install new heavy-wall 1" tube supports for the blasting table.  Most of these large cabinets come with two window kits and 4 holes for the rubber blast gloves.  We don't ever use the second set, so it was decided to use the 2 center holes for the gloves and remake the window panel for a center window kit.  We also had to reline much of the back of the top unit and move the hose inlet.   Once all the metal work was done, we blasted everything and coated the outside with some grey zinc primer.  Once it was coated, we caulked all the joints with silicone.  At this point, we're ready to weld the top half back onto the bottom and start the plumbing and wiring and buttoning up the window kit.  We also have to cut some expanded metal and steel plate for the blast table.  Hopefully, we'll get this blaster installed in the next week or two and we'll be able to start using it.  So far we only have a few hundred dollars into the steel on this rebuild.  At the end, we'll probably have about $400 into the rebuild of the cabinet - a far cry from the $3,500 they wanted for a new one!  I'll update as we finish, but here are a few pics of the process so far:


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Re: Rebuilding the blast cabinet
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Re: Rebuilding the blast cabinet
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Great project! -- looking forward to it.

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Re: Rebuilding the blast cabinet
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