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I snagged this little bit driver set just for work on thermostats - I like the pocket clip feature.
I've had an identical one in my daily carry belt pouch every day for the past 2 years and the bits that came with work, but I don't use it everyday so I can't say how well they'd hold up with a ton of use.
I'd never pay that much for it though, mine was only $4
They used to have a 3 packs of these at Harbor freight but I never bought one as they didn't come with a green one.
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« Last post by john k on Today at 01:30:17 PM »
Herb,  When you can get a car in there, I am coming down to see it.   Put a 20 foot shipping container next to it, ((temporary)) storage!

There seems to be some confusion about where these Tuff 1 ratchets came from, since they are sold under a lot of brand names. I can tell you that JS Engineering was never a division of SK, it was a division of Danaher. The JS brand name was used for government contracts. I had a 1/4" set when I worked for a gov't agency. They also were the source of torque wenches for many companies, including Husky, KD, Craftsman, ATD and SK.. They were in Georgia and were listed in my ATD torque wrench manual as a place to have it serviced or calibrated. The company still exists but not as a tool manufacturer. It is possible that they were the source of these similar ratchets under several brand names. I found nothing to suggest they were actually made by SK. Maybe they were made under contract during the FACOM years. If anybody has any solid info., please post it. As a side note, some years ago, my local SK dealer tried to tell me that JS made their torque wrenches to a higher spec than the cheaper Huskys at HD. I called JS and the nice lady explained that there was a plastic handle and a more expensive metal handle version but other than that, the guts, tolerences and calibration were identical. She then reeled off a list of companies that they made torque wrenches for. The Husky and SK were both plastic handled. It is not just tool trucks that rebrand stuff a different prices. Companies like SK with big product lines fo not make all of their own product or at least that was true in the past.

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This is my understanding from a discussion I had some years ago. (I want to say the guy at Epstiens, but can't remember 100%).

Anyway, S-K was owned by FACOM from 1985 to 2005. I don't recall TUFF 1 rats from S-K prior to 1985, in a catalog or in the wild. From my research on ratchet internals I discovered FACOM ratchets had the sliding pawl design that the TUFF 1 rats use. So, I put all the tidbits together and - with the confirming talk with Epsteins - have decided that S-K did the TUFF 1 under special license from FACOM. I no longer have the JS or FACOM 161 ratchets, so, I can't confirm that the gears from those will fit into my S-K TUFF 1.

That's my story - and I'm sticking to it! lolx

I think everything you said there is true. I bet you did talk to HE to hear that. HE has a good stock of Facom stuff and I think a bit of history in some way with them. As for the thumb wheel ratchet the first ones I ever saw were SK and SK and Facom have a history as well so I do not see any link between those two as being a stretch by any means.
How long have you had those and how is the bit quality?

Just bought it about a month ago and have not used it. The bits don't look to be super-tough (they look like the ones in your pair of sets), but the driver and hollow handle storage was more of what I was after anyways.
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« Last post by bonneyman on Today at 12:43:52 PM »
One place I like to use Saltus wrenches is on battery terminal clamps as they work well for those. I actually use them fairly often.

 thumbsup2   Have to give that a try!
General Discussion Board / Re: Pawnie find: Adjust-A-Box
« Last post by DeadNutz on Today at 12:25:50 PM »
One place I like to use Saltus wrenches is on battery terminal clamps as they work well for those. I actually use them fairly often.
General Discussion Board / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by Uncle Buck on Today at 12:20:14 PM »
Still sorting through crap and trying to clean out my garage.

When is the garage sale.

No garage sale. I always figure out a way to keep the essentials. Any machines or tools I plan to rid myself of I am going to give my nephew. My wall space is all but gone. I have been thinking vertically and storing that way for years. For example I am taking small boxes of assorted crap, hardware, nuts, bolts etc. hinges, pipe fittings, electrical switches, wire nuts, wall anchors etc. All this stuff costs money. A lot of mine is new and never used. For years what pop did not send home with me in small boxes I accumulated myself. Benches get full of junk like this, then I started just setting boxes like that around in random spots around the shop. Every one of those boxes was added thinking "one of these days I will sort that junk out. Well, I have decided that one of these days is now. I am sorting through boxes, bags and cans full of this stuff and sorting and storing, or throwing away until the storage vessel is empty.

I have an insane amount of quality hardware of all sizes. If I had it all stored optimally I would probably never have to see the inside of a hardware store again. All together I bet several hundred pounds of hardware. I am not getting it separated perfectly yet, but I am a lot closer. I often even surprise myself with some of the stuff I have. Some day when I croak, the guy or guys that gets my bolt bins is going to have a field day.

Ya, no garage sales. What I don't squirrel away I either give kin, or dump! Besides, I really hate jerkin around with folks to sell stuff. Once my mind goes to a garage sale it is a toss up whether I will just junk it or actually take the time and energy to try and sell/give the crap away to tight fisted strangers. Usually I don't have the patience for the strangers so I would prefer to toss it and save myself the frustration!

I am making headway though. I now have both of my main benches cleared down to their tops. A lot yet to go though before a car will be able to make it in.
You are a talented guy Scott. Great job and that looks first class. thumbsup2
I like that a lot! A guy like me having little to no space could replicate that on a smaller scale and it would still be functional. It would not like as nicely done as yours though for sure.

I do agree those would sell like hot cakes if you made a business of it!
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