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General Discussion Board / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by Papaw on Today at 10:58:48 AM »
Two of our grandsons spend an hour before school at our house each morning before grandma takes them to school. Today was a crisp, cool morning, perfect for playing with bubbles!
Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: faking an antique tool tote
« Last post by strik9 on Today at 10:58:31 AM »
There is s pile of wood that was the cement forms used to build our homes.  It's been stacked up outside in the weather forever rotting, last part on our house was more than 5 years back.   Of course Papi sees that ''as good as new wood because he bought it new.   

  I used for this one a rotten wood door frame and some wider stuff.   None was cleaned or sanded before use and if it cracked a repair was made as grandpa would have to avoid making a new one today.

   Thanks guys.   I like to read these comments from the guys that seen, and probably used grandpa's tools in his old tote before it was lost to time.
     I know I did and never knew the fate of those things.   So I recreate as my grandfather made them in his day.  He never used new wood and always painted them with the old house paints, hey, it was paid for long ago.
The wife's birthday gift. Anderson lower. Jp trigger. Magpul asap endplate. Strike industries blue parts. Magpul new sl-s stock which i find to be the best stock yet. ULG pro usa made blue anodized m-lok handguard. Ba hanson series premium 16" .223 wylde mid length 4140 barrel with vg6 epsilon brake. Psa premium bolt and luth ar buffer. Will get nikons new black series 4-16 in a blue warne mount. 

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Come on people. Get your entries.

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Some plc work in Tennessee. Saw the first kfc in kentucky. Also saw a pretty cool jet. Next week heading to Germany than to brasil

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The Bonney's were OEA24 and OEA26 the Matcos were same number just had W infron WOEA24, WOEA26
So Ray, how many more years do you think you will have the truck? 
General Discussion Board / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by fatfillup on Today at 10:12:59 AM »
Was in a nice furniture store and the salesman said one brand was made in a union shop in North Carolina I think.  Men making $30 an hour or better.  That can certainly drive prices up.  Of course if you look how long it will last, it is likely cheap to own long term compared to Chicrap.
Collector / Vintage / Antique / Re: faking an antique tool tote
« Last post by goodfellow on Today at 09:47:24 AM »
Brian -- they look great! You should sell these things to interior design and decorating type shops. I can't tell how many homes and stores I've visited that use these old wooden tool totes, hardware boxes and crates for decorating. It seems to be a trend -- at least in these parts of the US; not sure about Mexico.

Best part is -- the stores get good money for these old relics.
General Discussion Board / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by scooterfish on Today at 09:45:19 AM »
From what I hear about the only mass produced furniture made in America today is the high end stuff. The Amish do made some quality stuff in small shops here in northern Indiana.
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