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General Discussion Board / Re: Unmarked ratchet
« Last post by hickory n steel on Today at 07:27:59 PM »
Slid off the grip and what I saw underneath it was some very rough forging and that it had obviously not been cut down.
Looks like my suspicion that it's just an imported copy is correct.
. regardless it's still a ratchet and it works so I'll probably find a use for it like in my bicycle tool kit.
Not unusual for them to sell for $1000 or close.
General Discussion Board / Re: Need help from the Amsoil folks
« Last post by goodfellow on Today at 07:06:21 PM »
looks cool MAD!! -- what's the time period -- 60s, 70s?
General Discussion Board / Re: Need help from the Amsoil folks
« Last post by MAD on Today at 07:04:16 PM »
Here is a video-
General Discussion Board / Re: Who have we not seen as of late?
« Last post by jabberwoki on Today at 07:01:54 PM »
General Discussion Board / Re: Need help from the Amsoil folks
« Last post by MAD on Today at 07:00:21 PM »
It is a demonstration setup to compare bypass oil filtration with full flow filtration.

I have owned snap-on locking extensions for over 10 years. They have the collar and never once have I had a clearance problem.

Agreed. I've had collared-QR extensions and never encountered any clearance issues.  I'd think with greasy hands that little nub of a release on the newer C-man would prove frustrating. shrugx
Although I'll admit that chrome looks quality.

Can you guys show with a pic what clearance problem(s) you're talking about?

I work on my old Jag and the front subframe bolts are installed between square tubing that has some very acute angles. With the engine and all the parts installed I often need a long extension to reach tight places from the outside of the subframe and quite often the socket drops off. That's when I used the regular locking collar extension and it started to rub against the fresh paint on some of those tight angles. The Craftsman versions clear the those angles very easily whereas the Pittsburgh Pros will rub the paint. I could force it, but I'd have to constantly have a small paint brush handy for touch-ups. For me it's just a matter of preserving the painted surfaces on those sub-frames. I took a lot of care to paint them and don't want them marred by the knurled extension collar.
Here's what I've got for wrenches

I'm hoping someone wants or needs a couple of these and happens to have the 2 sockets I need.

Btw sorry for the bad pictures, just ask me what something is if you can't see and I can tell you.
The Tool / parts / goods Emporium / Re: skfarmer's january thaw sale
« Last post by twertsy on Today at 05:55:56 PM »
I'll take the speedmaster and SK impacts.

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What was this place?
Nazi rally grounds and congress

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Creepy place, but a must see if you are there I would think.
It is unreal

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