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« on: July 20, 2017, 09:58:49 PM »
I was digging threw some stuff in a cabinet in the garage and came across three inverters I  have. One is 75w, another is 175w and the last one is 200w.
haven't used them in years and decided to see if they still worked. They all did except the 200w.
This made me pull out electronic / electrical test stuff I haven't used in awhile. The fuse in the plug was blown but I changed that first.
It's getting power into it but there's a short somewhere. The internal fuse hasn't blown even though the input wires get warm.
Everything seems as it should be and it has me kinda stumped.
I also found one of of those cold heat solder guns that I ordered from a TV commercial. Tried it out and despite it sitting in a drawer for about 5 years
untouched it still works on the batteries that are probably 7 years old.
The old Mastercraft multi meter is still working on 5 year old batteries also.

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Re: Inverter
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That electrical test drawer looks similar to mine, tho I have all my tapes in a drawer, and the soldering stuff is in a hand-carry tool box to take it to the site I need it.

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Re: Inverter
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I swear I bought an invertor. Have no clue where it is.

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Re: Inverter
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