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Nice to see you back Matt ... I was thinking about you just the other day !

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My Garage / Shop Project. / I want to build a gear box.
« Last post by m_fumich on April 24, 2017, 11:56:35 PM »
As the title says, I want o build a gear box. I guess "gear box" is not the right term since there will only be one gear. I want to build a box full of step gears. I just don't know how many step gears I will need or what ratio gears I can get. I want to use weights on a pulley to drive the input to the gear box and have the output be enough to drive a generator sufficient for producing the electrical power I need for my rescue facility. Right now we are running on a single 3650W Champion generator from Tractor Supply. What kind of torque and how many RPM's would I need to produce the output of 3 of those generators? I've got the drive mechanism worked out in my head. What I don't know is where to get the step gears and what RPM I need on the output side. I will be using weights to drive the entire assembly so I think I can achieve the desired torque if I use enough weight to drive the input.
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself / Returning after many moons away.
« Last post by m_fumich on April 24, 2017, 11:11:55 PM »
Hey guys,

Figured I'd start fresh at tell you all what I've been up to.

The veterans here know I was driving a truck. I actually got to meet many of your from the east coast to the west coast. I discovered that the isolation of driving a truck can lead to some undesirable mental issues. I started obsessing about minor things. Some good, some bad. I'm more of a clean freak now than I ever was. That is the good thing. I started obsessing about things like the environment which is not necessarily a bad thing. I recycle like nobody's business. I'll take stuff home from Taco bell to put it in the recyle can. I pick up soda cans other people tossed in the parking lot and put in the recycle can. Earlier this year I nearly went off on a class of college students because someone put a plastic bottle in the trash when the recycle bin was right outside the door. Throwing away paper isn't such a big deal although recycling would be great. They grow trees in LA, MS, AL and other states like the grow corn in Illinois. But DON'T PUT METAL, GLASS, OR PLASTIC IN THE TRASH. Anyway, living in isolation on the truck, I developed an "I don;t give a shit" attitude and it caused me to piss off some friend here and I regret that immensely.

I drove a truck until Jan 2014. I was in Cheyenne, WY on Jan 4th of that year and I fell and broke my shoulder. I didn't know it was broken at the time. I got home 2 weeks later and my shoulder was still hurting so my wife suggested I go to Ortho. That's when I discovered my left should was broken. I was in no hurry to recuperate since my OAC insurance was paying me $100 per day, 7 days a week. My doctor was kinda pissed that I wasn't getting better faster. I'm not sure why he was so upset. He wasn't paying for my OAC benefits. During my recuperation, my wife got used to me being home and told me to find a job that kept me home. My driving career was over and my weekly pay has never gotten back to what I was making as a driver. That's life.

I went back to doing computer work. I went to work for the company that bought the company I was working for in 2004. Many of the people I worked with back then were there in 2014 so that gave me an advantage. It didn't take long and I was doing some of the training.I wasn't making any more many than working at a bench but I liked the respect I was given. It's nice to be appreciated by your coworkers. I ended up leaving that job after someone filed a complaint against me. Although the complaint was refuted by a supervisor, the agency I was working through refused to call the supervisor. I didn't really care, I hated working in that place. Management lied to us time and time again. It wasn't long after that I went to work a contract job with FedEx. I had friend there as well that I've known since my computer days back in 2004 and before. I worked the FedEx job starting in 2015 and left in 2016. There was a set time frame for the job no matter how well you did, when your time was up, you left. The product line I was on was going through some changes so they ended my contract early.

2015 was my first year as Santa. The jolly fat man. I had let my beard grow out and kept getting called Grizzly Adams and Santa Claus so I decided to see about being a Santa for hire. Turns out there is a Mid-Southern Santa Society. I had a pretty good first year and made about $3700 between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My goal for the 2016 season was to double that and I did it. My goal for 2017 is to make $10,000 during the "Santa Season." When my contract with FedEx ended in July 2016, my wife and I decided I would not look for a regular job. I looked but not seriously. I drew my UE benefits and did my best to have a full blown Santa Season. I didn't want to turn down mid day appearances because I had to be at work. I could make more in 2 hours as Santa than I could all day at a regular 9-5 job. The math was easy.

Other things were happening during all this. My wife had alread y been involved in animal rescue. I had been helping here when I came home from driving a truck. Once I quit driving, I got more involved. I got the idea for a rescue fostering facility to aide animal rescues. In Feb 205, I filed for 502(c)(3) status. It took 2 years for my plan to really go anywhere but on the 2nd anniversary of my 50 filing, I spent the first night at my facility. I am renting an old water pumping station that was also a fire department. Ther is almost 7 acres here. The garage is where I keep the dogs each night. I put them in exercise pens outside when the weather is good. The down side is that the property is in a flood zone. That has only been an issue when the drain outside the building was clogged. It rained a lot the other day and half the garage flooded. The property owner and I are about to go a few rounds, He doesn't want to spend the money necessary to fix issues like the leaking roof. He's also a pack rat and he's still got tons of crap on the property. The lease says he will pay for any damages not the result of negligence of the tenant. I have no doubt we will end up in court. I have a plan though. I will file the papers just before the lease automatically renews. By the time he gets served, my lease will have extended and he can't just kick me out. Even if he fixes everything tomorrow, I will still sue due to the fact that I've paid rent and don't have full use of the property because he's got so much of his crap here, the roof leaks, and he hasn't fixed the electrical and the utility company won't turn on power. We're running off a generator. But being here was my best alternative. I won't go into the details about that though. I currently have about 30 dogs at my facility. Most are mine and I'm trying to get them adopted or transported to northern rescues where they have a better chance of getting good homes. My facility is not financially self supporting yet but I'm getting buy thanks to donors. I will be on better footing once the owner makes the necessary repairs, we have electricity, and he gets his junk off the property.

Someday I will get back to my tool collection, collecting vintage bicycles, and I will continue to rescue dogs. Oh, I've also lost about 75 lbs.
General Discussion Board / Re: Riding mowers, your preferences?
« Last post by slip knot on April 24, 2017, 11:10:35 PM »
My next mower will be a zero turn. We run some Scag mowers at work and those mow circles around a regular rider. We get contract mowers in and they run the machines flat out as fast as they will go...and they cut beautifully when the blades are sharp.

of course $7K may be a bit much for a mower but the way I see it, it should be the last mower I'll ever buy. The scags are pushing 2000 hours. my little 2006 rider has 220 hours on it. should get a 100yrs or so out of it. lolx
General Discussion Board / Re: ESTATE SALE LOAD # 3 more pics added
« Last post by ken w. on April 24, 2017, 11:07:57 PM »
Is that blue box shown in the first picture full of taps and reamers?  panicx panicx

It's filled with mostly taps.
General Discussion Board / Re: ESTATE SALE LOAD # 3 more pics added
« Last post by chopper1 on April 24, 2017, 11:05:57 PM »
That's quite a load.  Good stuff.
General Discussion Board / Re: CHEAP TOOLS ON CL - A MUST READ
« Last post by ken w. on April 24, 2017, 11:05:33 PM »
Lets see what happens.  I copied and pasted the text. If this is too offensive  please delete. The pic was a bucket of tools.

 "Make offer. I expect to be bent over.
 Prefer to deal with cheap pollacks. Or dagos.
 Sorry Black people. This is a cash deal. No food stamps.
 Thanks all. Leave a number with offer. Jews welcome to bid as well".
General Discussion Board / Re: Riding mowers, your preferences?
« Last post by rusty on April 24, 2017, 11:03:24 PM »
Great mowers but wouldn't want to try on my hillside
General Discussion Board / Re: ESTATE SALE LOAD # 3 more pics added
« Last post by Uncle Buck on April 24, 2017, 10:57:48 PM »
Is that blue box shown in the first picture full of taps and reamers?  panicx panicx
General Discussion Board / Re: Riding mowers, your preferences?
« Last post by Uncle Buck on April 24, 2017, 10:50:48 PM »
The Heckendorn was quite popular with farmers in KS for years. You still see them when you get out in the country every so often. The look funny and you set really high on them. My old landlord when I rented an old farmhouse out in the country had two of these. I thought they looked funny but I was really impressed watching him mow with them.

They were made in KS and the one shown was probably one of the last ones made before they folded since it does not look nearly as crude as many older versions. Like I said, fatalities due to improper use was finally too much and it drove them out of business. It does not change the fact that they are really grass cutting SOB's!
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